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Fragrance Laundry Crystals

50 shades
Japanese Cherry Blossom
Black Raspberry

Ingredients: Magnesium Sulphate Carrier Product, Aromatic Fragrance Oil (skin Grade), Polysorbate (C32H60o010), Cosmetic Colourant.

Directions of use: Simply place 1-2 scoops into the machine ( where you would usually place your fabric softener )
Please note this is a fragrance booster and should not be used to replace laundry detergent.
This product has been tested on a 7.5kg front loader. Top loaders may require more product as there is a higher level of water.
Things that will affect your usage from our laundry crystals:
1. The washing detergent you use. As most laundry detergents are chemically fragrance - this means this will lessen the scent you get from your laundry crystals as it is then competing with a chemically fragrance based product.

2. If you are using a top loader machine. Typically Front-load washing machines use one-third of the water that a traditional top-load machine uses. This means the crystals are being essentially drowned by 3 times more water then the product has been designed for. As we have not tested this product in a top loader machine, it will be your trial and error as to how much product you will need to use in your machine.
Usually with top loader machines, many people put their detergent into the drum of the machine with the clothing. Most top loader machine have a fabric softener dispenser in the very center of the machine which distributes during the rinse cycle as the water level increases. If you are adding this product directly to the drum with your clothing this is putting the crystals through 2 cycles instead of 1 which will also affect the end result.

3. Everybody's sense react differently. What is strong to some may have no smell to others. We scent out crystals with the highest possible fragrance load.